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Bobby took to his own Instagram account to share a sonogram photo: After an assault by ex-boyfriend (and former WWE wrestler) Andy Slocum in 2012, and a 2014 stint in rehab that took her out of the spotlight, it’s great to see Rosa looking fit, healthy, and happy in her new role.Amy and her friends won a ,000 shopping spree at ER Sawyer Jewelers!!Known as the fiancé of the reality star of Total Divas and WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes.He is also known for his clothing brand, Black Craft Cult, and his time in various rock bands, including Monkeys Are Machine Guns. I was literally screaming, crying and jumping for joy, when I was told I would be part of the cast.” “I tell it like it is,” she said. If I don’t like something or somebody, I don’t mind a confrontation.” She says she brings honesty to the table. “Sometimes the divas are afraid to say how they feel to one another,” Mendes said. “We are going to shake hands and get over it, or we’re not. This makes Mendes among the longest contracted female talents on the roster. Layla, a former Miami Heat dancer, won the competition, but Mendes was still signed to developmental.

As is so often the case, that phrase was code for Mendes having substance abuse issues and was in such bad shape that WWE management felt compelled to act.

“Being on ‘Total Divas’ is like a huge promotion for a diva,” Mendes said during an interview to promote the season premiere 9 p.m. Not only do I come back, but I come back in the best shape of my life. I think some of the divas were happy for me, I think? “I was at the Performance Center for six months,” she said. There are so many rings, and it’s just such an amazing facility. ’s “Total Divas” cast; so much, in fact, I already see potential for a spin-off down the road (maybe on E!

“I don’t think a lot of the divas thought I was going to come back.

star has good reason to stay away from the ring–she’s pregnant with her first child! A photo posted by Rosa Mendes (@wwerosamendes) on Though her pregnancy is keeping her out of the ring, it appears as though Rosa expects to step back into her role as a WWE Diva after the baby is born.

The 35-year old former model, reality star, and WWE Diva recently shared the good news in an interview with the WWE. Her name’s going to be Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski and she’ll be born February 2016. Energy is up, my appetite is insane, and NO MORE MOOD SWINGS!!! “I’ve been keeping myself very busy,” she said in the interview.

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