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Grimes alleges that Saban was complaining about a young man she was dating and that Grimes told Saban to "shut up," allegedly prompting Saban to post "No one likes Sarah! Saban allegedly had such a grip on Grimes hair that it took two other girls to pull her off.After the girls agreed Grimes needed to get medical attention, the complaint alleges that Saban started crying and screamed, "I'm going to jail!According to this motion, Saban "denies each and every material allegation" of Grimes' complaint.

According to papers filed by Sarah Grimes' attorney on June 26, Grimes and Kristen Saban got into a physical altercation in late August 2010 after a night of drinking. Grimes asked Saban to take down the post and, according to the complaint, Saban shoved Grimes into a door and punched her "multiple times" in her head and nose.

He did say that the judicial affairs board hears cases where a student is accused of being in violation of the code of student conduct, and that an alleged assault would fall under their jurisdiction.

On July 12, attorneys for Saban filed a motion to dismiss the suit, claiming that Grimes was the initial aggressor and that Saban acted in self-defense.

It became clear there is no cure for Alabama fatigue. This team had that." That's true, but everybody will remember this instead: Saban tied Bama's legendary Bear Bryant with a sixth national championship as head coach, five of which have come in the last nine seasons at Alabama.

It's an 11-year reign of terror from the most consistent college football dynasty of all time.

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' Whether it's how we get them motivated to do it, how we practice with them to do it or the game plan that we put in for them to do it." Practice makes "The Process" perfect, because it has to be.

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