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But already, RKO were planning a picture for the new "team" they were about to introduce to the world.This was Flying Down to Rio, billed as starring Dolores del Rio and Gene Raymond - and "Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire".He is the younger brother of Matthias and is from Woodland Hills, CA.He and his brother are joined by their brother-in-law Bryan in Team Edge.

One of his most viewed videos is called "Backwards Word Challenge." His real name is Joseph Frederick.It was such a success that the studio immediately wanted a whole series with the two of them. "I felt it would typecast me," Ginger told me, "but when you were contracted to a Hollywood studio, you had no choice but obey."Plainly, there was a mutual disinclination to remain together.Indeed, when they made the ninth and last of their series of RKO films, in 1939, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, about a pre-First World War dancing couple, Fred asked the real Irene Castle to use her influence to get someone else to play her part. One contributing factor to the coolness of their relationship appears to be Fred's wife, Phyllis, who was to die of a brain tumour in 1954.You Tube vlogger also known as The Jolly White Giant who frequently features his older brother, You Tube sensation Matthias, in his videos.He also became a member and co-founder of the popular You Tube channel Team Edge.

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