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The 08/08/01 Kat Kam pre-fireworks evening time-lapse makes Vancouver Province newspaper. Celebration Of Light Fireworks 2008 08/07/23 archive : Day 1: Canada Looking east from central Vancouver. Long Beach Resort Whistler Blackcomb Webcams (North America's top ski resort, where some events of the 2010 Winter Olympics were held): Click here, then click "Webcams" Jericho Beach; with English Bay, West Vancouver and North Shore mountains in the distance: Jericho Beach Looking north at the east cruise ship berth, Burrard Inlet and North Shore mountains at Canada Place: Vision Looking northwest at Downtown from False Creek South: Van Marpole neighbourhood of South Vancouver, facing west (I think; will have to ask Tak): TAK SYSTEMS Metro Vancouver traffic cams: More traffic cams!

Gray day into brilliant bronze sunset 07/12/04 archive: One of the best things about this part of the world is that it isn't unusual for a gray day to end in a fantastic sunset!

Helens (volcano) in neighbouring Washington State: US Forest Service Mount St.The product and tech support were discontinued shortly after Telemark acquired it.The 1996-2001 setup was a Hitachi High-8 analog video camera attached to a Snappy interface.We used a developer API (application program interface) from Kodak, which provided a COM object interface to the underlying driver.Unfortunately, the Kodak API and/or driver was very buggy and crashed the Katkam computer often twice or more a day.

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