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They don't use repeaters at all (and nor do any other carrier to my knowledge). A lot of public places have Telstra microcells installed – shopping centres, underground train stations, office buildings, etc.This is not a microcell, microcells are used in urban locations to increase capacity and give better indoor coverage etc.Does anyone happen to know if Telstra is allowing the use of or maybe have set up repeaters (signal boosters) themselves for their Next G network?I was travelling through the flinders ranges in SA and stopped in at the Prairie hotel in Parachilna and was surprised to see full coverage on my i Phone.2 units make it up, the receiver that picks up mobile coverage and retransmits over wifi to another unit that retransmits the signal on 3G. Manufactured by a company called "Andrews"These are full cell repeaters, meaning basically a base station. A repeater and base station are two completely different things by definition aren't they?Optus did the install and made it clear that only they can move them. Repeaters are often confused with microcells/picocells. The way I understand it is that base stations of any kind (including microcells & picocells) have back-haul to the network (which may be fibre/coax/microwave etc.) which is separate from the carrier waves which are used to offer service.Escalations are automatic and help your agents provide the most personalized customer experience possible. is different However your customers reach out — live chat, email, or messaging — Bold360 helps your agents work smarter, with the insights and tools they need to maximize every conversation.value starts here No matter how your customers want to engage — through chatbot, dynamic search bar, or virtual agent — Bold360 harnesses artificial intelligence to make self-service more engaging and intuitive.

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Was wondering if anyone knows whether Telstra offers or allows these?

where where you talking about though, you only said staff? Carriers are permitted to install repeaters as part of their networks under their licences.

What I encountered was an outback location where the town is on the very edge of Next G reception.

I know for a fact that optus use repeaters as I just had one installed in my building to provide coverage to a dead spot.

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