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A bug in V-Ray – If you believe that this is the problem, try to isolate it (if it occurs in a specific situation related to a certain object, material, atmospheric effect etc.) and email the file Like every other program, V-Ray needs a certain amount of RAM to render an image.

Depending on the scene complexity and the render settings, V-Ray will use varying amounts of RAM.

The scene elements that take up most of the RAM while rendering can be divided into the following groups: Geometry – scenes with lots of objects and/or triangle counts require more memory to render.For troubleshooting installation and licensing issues, please check the Installation PDF Guide.If you experience any problems not discussed below while using V-Ray, please contact Chaos Group Support.That means that even though you may have more physical RAM (for example 2GB), the operating system will not allow an application to use all of that memory.However, on the GB of RAM for any given application.

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Mapping UVW channels – in 3ds Max, every mapping channel takes up the same or larger amount of RAM as the geometry itself.

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