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The instrument is used in research relating the content of people’s goals to constructs such as mental health and risk behaviors.Basic Psychological Needs Scales (BPNS) Self-determination theory posits three universal psychological needs and suggests that these must be ongoingly satisfied for people to maintain optimal performance and well-being.One questionnaire, called the Problems in Schools Questionnaire, assesses the degree to which teachers tend to be autonomy supportive versus controlling; the other, called the Problems at Work Questionnaire, assesses the degree to which managers in the workplace tend to be autonomy supportive versus controlling.Whereas, the Perceived Autonomy-Supportive Climate Questionnaires measure the perceptions of, say, students and subordinates about the autonomy supportiveness of their teachers and managers, the Motivators’ Orientation questionnaires are completed by the teachers or managers themselves about their own style of motivating others (the students or subordinates).Christian Religious Internalization Scale (CRIS) This scale is also referred to as the Religion Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ-R).

There is a general form, as well as an adaptation for work domain and an adaptation for daily measurement (diary-studies).*** Please note that all questionnaires on this web site, developed for research on self-determination theory, are copyrighted.You are welcome to use the instruments for academic (non-commercial) research projects. (To inquire about a commercial request, please email [email protected]) Click on any questionnaire name below to access the scale or set of questionnaires and other information.However, you may not use any of them for any commercial purposes without written permission to do so from Edward L. Aspirations Index (AI) The AI assesses people’s intrinsic and extrinsic life goals or aspirations.That is, it measures the degree to which people value seven broad goal contents–wealth, fame, image, personal growth, relationships, community contribution, and health.

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