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As much as anything, it was the relief of finally exercising my kink with someone other than my right hand and a box of tissues. It was at someone's house, and it was two days of awesome.

She sat up to listen, and I trailed my fingers over her thigh, eyes down, nervous as a teenager.

Six weeks after we started dating, I told Emily my secret.

We were in bed, still in those heady, lust-filled days of a new relationship.

That's the essence of my shame, deepened by the impossibility of trying to explain it to someone who is not a spanko, someone who isn't wired to understand. A few playful swats during sex seem fun, while serious spankings seem damaged and perverse. I can tell you that just one of the many spanking subgroups on the adult website Fetlife contains more than 17,000 members. “OK, I'll give it a try." That was 14 years ago.

After years of pretending I was interested only in the occasional erotic swat, I finally had to admit it to myself: Although spankings do satisfy a strong sexual need, they satisfy an equally strong psychological one. As for the male-to-female split, I asked Eve Howard. We married a year later, and our sex life today would shock the neighbors.

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But for now I am looking for a woman who is interested in the spanking lifestle and would like to switch to make it exiting.

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