Validating radiobuttonlist asp net

you cannot pass a validation by only entered space.

you can set the requiredfieldvalidator Initial Value property to select another item except initial value for passing validation.

In some cases, some of the data that had been entered by the client was in the wrong form or was simply missing.

The server would then need to send all the data back to the client and request that the form be resubmitted with the correct information.

so it will be a required field (input control) for submit web form.

input control validation fails if the value of control does not change from it's initial value.

Thanks for the reply but that only allows me to select yes or no for two of the nine questions, then it erases my replies to the others and it doesn't stop the user if they don't answer all the questions and they click the button. Does anyone know if I can do what I am wanting to do with a radiobuttonlist and a gridview? Your example is great but the radiobuttonlist is not in a gridview so I don't think you can access it the same way can you.

If I can't then I need to try and figure out another way of doing this pretty quick. And the links aren't doing what I am trying to do since they are using the Hi trev52, You said you want to check if there is any unanswered Radio Button List in Grid View, so I loop through the whole Grid View.

I have a number of Radio Button List on a single webpage.

I need to perform javascript validation on each one of them.

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In this article we learn how to validate a Radio Button List and a Drop Down List using Java Script in ASP. Java Script provides a way to validate a form's data on the client's computer before sending it to the web server.

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