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If you look at the Wikipedia article for valid email address, it supports a lot of special characters. (DOT) and it can contain characters, digits and special characters – and _. But to cover most of the valid email addresses, I am assuming an email address to consist of characters, digits and special characters , – , . Also every email address must contain only one @ symbol. So a subdomain can contain characters, digits and special characters – and _. The last TLD should be of minimum length 2 and can contain words only. In this article, I'll explain the format and syntax rules for UK postcodes, and show you some SQL Server code for parsing and validating them.When it comes to validation, you can't simply check a postcode against a lookup table.Today we will look into java email validation program. Sometimes we have to validation email address and we can use email regex for that.

For numeric fields, there is a convenient way to validate a value range, but we want to select to run a custom validation script.

So, having a text field contain that error message might be a good idea.

There are other ways to highlight the field in question besides changing the text color, the border color or the fill color could be changed instead, or in addition, just make sure that you are not making the form impossible to read.

Such a table does exist (it's known as the Postcode Address File, or PAF).

But it contains over 27 million records, and is subject to strict licensing and copyright controls.

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That won't tell you if the code actually exists, but it will flag up any codes that are not in the correct format. It usually consists of one or two letters, followed by one or two digits.

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