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It includes all of the products which are included in the subscription for service and support, the subscription start and end dates, and the number of subscriptions included for each product.

A subscription certificate does not list products that are currently installed on the system; rather, it lists all products that are available to the system.

If all certificates were downloaded in an archive file, then there are multiple archives in the downloaded file.

Unzip the directories until you see the # subscription-manager import --certificate=/tmp/export/entitlement_certificates/596576341785244687--certificate=/tmp/export/entitlement_certificates/3195996649750311162Successfully imported certificate 596576341785244687Successfully imported certificate 3195996649750311162A subscription certificate represents a subscription that has been attached to a given system.

The Red Hat Subscription Manager polls the subscription service periodically to check for updated subscription certificates; this can also be updated immediately or pulled down from the Customer Portal.In certain situations, new product subscriptions can be added by installing the subscription certificate directly rather than polling the subscription service.For example, systems which are offline must have subscriptions manually added because they cannot connect to the subscription service directly.That key can then be used to attach those subscriptions on a local system.To register a user system, use the register command using your Red Hat Customer Portal credentials.

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This results in a very large number of products and content sets available to the organization, and all of the information is defined in the entitlement certificate.

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