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If you put your i Phone in "airplane mode" however, it will work perfectly fine.

When the i Pod is first connected, an onscreen menu for the audio content only appears, you'll need to press the "Status" key to switch to the video menu.

One video source that you can hook to the system is an i Pod, via the adorable slide-out i Pod dock drawer tucked inside the front panel.

Instead of unattractive, boomy bass, it's taut and precise.

Ounce for ounce these are some of the best-performing speakers I've ever heard, although a lot of the credit must go to the BT200's nifty automated calibration speaker, as well as the quality of the amp itself.

The slave subwoofer in particular was the biggest surprise, looking as it does like a desktop computer, tipping the scales at less than ten-and-a-half pounds, and connecting via standard speaker cable.

Right out of the box, this is a complete 7.1-channel surround suite, ready to handle all your 5.1 DVDs to 7.1 Blu-rays and everything in between (that would be 6.1, if you're keeping count, and there are some wonderful 6.1 discs out there).

This sonic state-of-the-artistry is delivered by a half-dozen "identical" (they spec out the same, but carry different model numbers, likely to clarify hookup) tiny, featherweight satellites, plus a more elaborate center--all utilizing two-and-a-half-inch bamboo cones and a compact, left-side-firing, front-slot-ported Kelton subwoofer.

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