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Of course, automatic app updates isn’t for every Mac user.If you’re in a limited bandwidth environment or are intentionally holding onto an old version of an app, you’ll probably want to set the feature to be turned off, but otherwise this is an excellent feature to leave on with most Macs.Finally, Dave shows you how to use special filter buttons which are known as slicers, and he also demonstrates how to use timelines.At the end, he goes over the basics of refreshing and updating a Pivot Table.It seemed to start a couple weeks ago, as I noticed my most recent pictures were missing from the Photos library.I hadn’t changed any settings to cause it – Photo Stream was just suddenly not working on my Mac anymore.

Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics.This will enable all of the automatic app and Mac OS / Mac OS X update features on the Mac, providing for very simple management of applications: That’s all there is to it, now all of your Mac apps that have been downloaded from the App Store will update and install themselves automatically without any user involvement.The last step gets you caught up to the latest versions of apps now, something that otherwise won’t happen until the update feature gets around to checking things on it’s own schedule.To give some quick background to this tip, in previous versions of […] When you need to temporarily leave your Mac unattended, it’s a hassle to put it to sleep and wake it up again. Set up a simple keyboard shortcut that shows your Mac’s login screen without logging you out.Mac users have a bunch of different ways to prevent…

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