Updating ipad software on a different computer

With You Tube's latest update, out today, it finally incorporates split screen mode on the i Pad, so you can watch video while working on something else (multitasking FTW).

There are flaws with any software system — and it's just a matter of time before someone discovers them.Once authenticated, the i Tunes play bar will note that an app is downloading and show a progress bar, indicating that the remote app install has started as well.The screenshot example below uses the currently trendy Splashy Fish game to demonstrate this: Meanwhile, on the i OS device (an i Phone shown in example screen shot), that very same Splashy Fish game is downloading as well.Even if an app update doesn't introduce many new features, and is just "improvements and bug fixes," it's still worth a download; it could prevent your phone from being hacked, and prevent your data from being shared with the world.In the news now is Apple's battle against the FBI over device encryption.

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