Updating cei for navy reservists

(a) Two AFTPs shall be authorized per day only when an individual is scheduled for an actual flight or readiness training simulator event and completes a minimum of eight hours of work.

Only one AFTP shall be authorized per day for an individual performing flight-related ground training (Naval Air June 12 Page 3 of 13 Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS)) ground training, annual flight physicals, aviation physiology and swim qualification, or other OPNAVINST flight training requirements).

(3) Readiness Management Periods (RMPs) provide support for the day-to-day operation of the unit: accomplishing unit administration, training preparation, support activities, and maintenance functions.

RMPs may not be performed on the same day with any other type training period (i.e., IDT, ATP, or AFTP).

(2) Additional Flying and Flight Training Periods (AFTPs) provide aircrew members additional flight training to achieve and maintain aircrew proficiency and sustain mobilization readiness.

The number of these training periods shall not exceed 72 each fiscal year for any member.

Members must meet medical retention standards and be screened for eligibility and approved by NAVPERS (PERS-911/913). Intelligence and Judge Advocate General Corps) will be assigned to their appropriate community-specific VTU when it is within Do D reasonable commuting distance from their home of record even when it is not the closest VTU to their home of record.

When filing IDTT orders ensure IPRs are filed with the IDTT orders. If the supported command, through coordination with the Unit CO, can better optimize mission support or readiness through extended IDT, Unit COs are authorized to schedule up to 40 regular FY IDT periods consecutively.

FLEX IDT may be performed separately or with Annual Training (AT), Active Duty for Training (ADT) or Inactive Duty Training Travel (IDTT).

(1) Unit COs ensure a letter/memorandum identifying Sailor and drill allocation is retained in Unit IDT Folder at the NRA. Individual limits of additional IDT periods (1) Additional Training Periods (ATPs) provide units and individuals the ability to complete additional required training.

Per reference (b), the number of these training periods shall not exceed 36 each fiscal year for any member.

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