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Perhaps the biggest addition here is Microsoft Family Calendar.

The feature lets families all share a single calendar that each member can add to.

While exchange accounts can be accessed via most email clients, Microsoft Outlook enables you to access all of your exchange account information from one place -- including your calendar.

By default, your calendar is updated in Outlook whenever you have an active Internet connection to send and receive your exchange folder information.

Right-click on your calendar in the Calendar Folder pane, hover your mouse over "Share" and then click "Calendar Permissions." If "Permissions" is grayed out, the calendar you have selected is most likely not an Outlook or Exchange calendar.

It is also possible that your organization restricts access to sharing permissions in your account for security purposes.

As Microsoft explained at the time: After you send the email, Cortana looks at your calendar to find times you are available and then reaches out to the invitees to propose times.

Cortana communicates directly with the attendees so the back and forth emailing won't clutter your inbox.

But once you do, the Family calendar can be accessed from the left pane under "Other calendars." If you want to get started, you can head to the Microsoft Family site to create one.

Internet calendars can be shared in Outlook as an HTML email with an i Calendar file attachment.

To email your calendar, click "Calendar." Right-click your calendar in the Folder pane, hover your mouse over "Share" and then click "Email Calendar." Select the date range to include in your email in the Date Range field.

Calendars managed by third-party services, such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, can be connected to Outlook as an Internet calendar.

Although you can modify most Internet calendars, calendar permissions are not supported.

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