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Similar looks aside, i think the front looks way too busy and the interior looks cheap, especially the silver plastic piece around the cup holder area...

like the stinger has a bad copy of the the C class interior, i think this one is a bad copy of Audi's interior...

Not sure where you got that feeling from, but I don't think people here are giving much respect to the natural competitor of Genesis - Acura.

And I think that's deserved since Acura sedans in the last 8 years or so have been lackluster.

Their powertrains are solid, as long as you don't follow the "lifetime" fluid change intervals.

But the rest of the car isn't exactly designed with longevity in mind, they choose the part that will perform the best for say, 50,000 miles rather than use an inferior performing one that will last 100k.

So first off I want to make it clear that I wasn't talking about anyone here on the forum, but instead the general public, at no point did I say or try to allude that costco and oonowindo were spewing BS.I didn't really get that feeling with the Kia Stinger though.I get that styling cues are being copied all the time, but rarely would I get such impression from other cars. The first is that 100% yes Kia and Hyundai (in the 2000-2010) era were stealing design cues and even almost exact copies of some cars (kinda like how chinese companies do that now) because they thought that people were stupid enough to confuse a Kia amante (oprius?My comment about respect is that there is still a bad stigma about Hyundai and Kia products whereas Honda does not have that stigma despite Kia and Hyundai making great cars since about 2007 and arguably making better or extremely competitive cars right now than their mainstream competitors.IMHO only the last couple of years has Honda stepped it up and most toyotas feel cheap and flimsy inside so they too get too much respect IMHO. In terms if who is spewing BS, I was referring to how people (genrally) keep talking shit about Kia dn Hyundai products despite never ever even stepping foot in one or driving one.

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