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But really dudes, if the biggest thing you can find to complain about is a wealth of attractive women playing a game you enjoy, is life really all that bad?Seriously, let 'em do their thing and make their way in life.

My thoughts: Cyrus is one determined bull, but was ultimately defeated by the lovely Eliana who continues to bring her strength of character to each role she embodies. The judges: Nigel mentioned that neither of them had been in the bottom 2 or 3 the entire competition. The song was “The Cool World Stomp (Reprise)” by Mark Isham.It was a great opening number and a very smart move on the part of the choreographer, knowing that Cyrus’ lack of technique would not work in this situation. Nigel made mention that the choreographer, Marat Daukayev, was the principal dancer with the Kirov Ballet. Both were so good at emotional routines and were incredible. My thoughts: I am not a big fan of this style on the show. Tiffany does not even look like she is sweating (I hate her–not really). They felt Tiffany and Brandon had a great connection and it was a great party. I think he might be in danger for this week’s eliminations (that will be announced next Wednesday).The judges: Nigel thought Eliana had secured her place in the industry. It does showcase athleticism and gymnastics, but this is more of a dance in which one participates, not for a competition. Cat Deeley thought it was Saturday Night Fever On Steroids. Benjamin said that she had a chance to be fearless tonight because of Brandon’s partnering. It looked better the second time I watched versus the first time because I was still irritated with that app. Unfortunately, I kept trying to stick Dmitry in there and knew how much better it would be with him in there.He pointed out some things to Cyrus to help him improve and commended him on good partnering. Nigel said Tiffany is so little but her lines are so strong, so big. He was impressed by the constant level of energy and expressive face. I am glad I watched it back again because the So You Think You Can Dance app program was irritating the crap out of me (had to put on my reading glasses to read my phone, then put my distance glasses on to watch them dance). I thought Witney looked out at the audience too much. The judges: Benjamin thought it was excellent and great fun to watch. Note to Cole: You cannot say you want to be the first in the top 10 to be on the hot tamale train and then have an under-seasoned dish. She reminded people that Anya was the reason why the phrase “hot tamale train” became infamous. She said the foot work and lines were okay, and the chemistry was not hot enough.Mary said that Cyrus conquering the paso doble must have felt like skinny dipping with snapping turtles and was very masculine. Rob loved how Eliana threw away technique and focused on the story. Just when she was connecting with Nick and I started feeling the dance, she would look at the judges or at the audience and it would break that connection for me. I thought Witney had a lot of chemistry with Witney. Nigel said, “You were totally committed.” She was sexy when she was breathing. He did a good job and his bags are packed but he is still on the platform.

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