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They had arranged for the kids to spend the weekend at her parents and Stephanie was told to go shopping and pick out the sexiest sheer negligee she could find.When she arrived back home Carl told her to put it on and to walk into the bedroom.He summons me to the bed and I lie down on my back. It is all about you tonight." I hear him walk out of the room; my heart is racing with anticipation.

I looked into my lover's eyes as I approached the bed.But I trust him completely; I know he wouldn't do anything that that would hurt me so I gave into him to do as he pleases. He is such a gentle lover that he is working on actually biting them harder. I am of average height with dark auburn hair that frames my face and my deep blue eyes. Carl is about 6 foot tall with the thickest cock I have ever seen. And let me tell you ladies, there is nothing better than uncut cock when you're fucking.I have a round full ass, a curvy woman that he thoroughly enjoys. It has this tendency to glide over your clit as he thrusts in and his cock being so thick I am totally filled by it. As I approached the bed I notice thevelvet handcuffs attached to the bedposts.I get along great with John my next-door neighbor and we have many interesting conversations.So one day I bring up the subject of swinging, and men being men we start talking about wouldn't it be great if we can have some fun with each other's wives. So we put the plan inmotion, John's wife Karen is pretty liberal and open to almost anything so when we brought up the subject to her she was totally into, it. John is tall, very tall which make them an odd couple.

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She had described to us how in college she had a few bisexual experiences so she couldn't wait to go down on my wife. She is not very tall, only about 5 foot one but she is very well put together. He is about 6'4" well built and as Karen described earlier with a very long cock, about ten inches.

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