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Why would you want to invest in a meal when you hardly know the person?

I also find that dinner dates can be a little awkward at times. I find a coffee works well with most Vietnamese girls (although she’ll probably order something iced, ridiculously sweet with green cream in it…gotta love those quirky local girls 🙂 ) Vietnam is one of the world largest exporters of coffee-the locals love it and when you see the way they drive here i sometimes think they must be on their 20th cup of the day.

It’s a bar/restaurant/coffee shop that’s split over 3 floors.I highly recommend this place as a dating spot in Saigon.Every girl I’ve taken here has really liked the place and it’s always left a good impression.Vietnamese like it black and strong, almost like some sort of that contains enough caffeine to keep the average man up for days.I think a coffee shop is the is the best option when dating in Ho Chi Minh City, hit up a decent coffee shop for an hour or two and see how you get on.

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So we’ve gathered up a few places that will keep your date night special but also under the radar.

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