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Got a question about your Tokai or other Japanese made guitar?You'll most likely find answers from the knowledgeable participants in the forum...By the early ’80s, Tokai had progressed to producing superb replicas of a range of historic American guitars, true to both the originals’ physical specifications (neck profile, colors) and sound.Armed, no doubt, with the sophisticated expertise it acquired in developing these accurate copies, Tokai turned to creating a guitar unique unto itself.As far as is known, these early Tokai guitars probably stayed in Japan and were not exported. Martin with its Sigma acoustic line, and the parts that were assembled in the U. These early Tokai-made Sigmas included two Gibson SG copies, a Fender Tele copy, and a Fender bass copy.Tokai’s acoustic guitars were of sufficient quality by 1970 that American manufacturers were looking at them to provide a less-expensive alternative to compete with growing competition from companies that were having success with budget-priced Japanese guitars carrying brands such as Ibanez, Electra, Univox, and Aria. As with most Martin attempts to market electrics, this effort was short-lived, and these Tokai Sigmas were history by 1975.According to company sources, Tokai entered musical instrument manufacturing in 1947, when it began making Harmonicas for domestic consumption… Shortly thereafter, Tokai began to make solidbody electric guitars.

S., Tokai began making its solidbody electric copies of American classics, including a Les Paul copy called the Les Paul Reborn, probably in ’76, and the aforementioned Love Rock and Breezy Sound in late ’77.Not only can it help us determine when a specific guitar was manufactured, it can help us clarify which are Tokai Fender copies and those that fall under the Made in Korea serial number schemes.Additionally, if something ever were to happen to your guitar (stolen, damaged) then the Registry would be helpful in providing key information for insurance purposes. I am sure that it is a Japanese model as the Serial No. I know it is made in Japan, but it is LS XX and those XX i'd like to know. : Does anyone know what type of Les Paul (Love Rock) Tokai guitar that I own!

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