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You might also donate phone cards that women can use these to call friends or family without requiring a phone plan. Many battered women have no vehicle or way to travel, so they are left with few options when trying to leave their abuser and make a new life.

These cards can make a huge difference in their lives.

Teen members of the Dating Violence Intervention Program go to a Boston high school where they conduct a workshop on dating violence, exposing cultural and media stereotypes that contribute to abusive tendencies.And, in many cases, there is simply not a shelter nearby for women and their children to turn to.While there are over 3,800 animal shelters in America, there are only 1,500 shelters for victims of domestic violence.Imagine if you had to leave your home with just the clothes on your back.In addition to worrying about food, clothing and personal grooming products, how would you manage to entertain your kids and comfort them in a strange environment?

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A young couple, Mike and Tamara, talk about their abusive relationship, and Mike reveals why he sometimes hits Tamara.

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