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Tina spends most of her time on screen looking thoroughly gorgeous in a low-cut blue cocktail dress and, in a scene that will delight her male fans, lip-moving or otherwise, does a pole dance with Carell while dressed in a beaded red corset. ‘I wore it for 52 days, and then they put me in the red corset, which was worse.

I even needed a helper to go to the bathroom – a very nice woman, but it was quite demoralising all the same.

Since Mean Girls, the brilliantly observed high-school comedy in which she co-starred with Lindsay Lohan (and which took over 0 million at the box office), she has featured alongside Ricky Gervais in his directorial debut The Invention of Lying, and created the critically acclaimed comedy series 30 Rock, which has 14 Emmys and six Golden Globes to its credit.

Her biting wit and pert good looks have made Tina, in one critic’s words, ‘the sex symbol for every man who reads without moving his lips’. ‘I cannot do my hair, I cannot do my make-up, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the most bedraggled person they have ever seen,’ she says forlornly.

It put me on the map with people who hadn’t seen 30 Rock or SNL, so what can I say? ’The two women eventually met when Palin appeared briefly alongside Tina in another SNL skit. ‘We talked about our kids and school, and her hair person helped our hair person alter my wig to make it look more accurate, and she also gave us tips on finding the right lipstick.

She’s incredibly telegenic and likable, and she’s now beginning a successful career as a television commentator, so I think she’s doing OK.’ And did President Obama ever call Tina to thank her for her part in ensuring that Palin and the Republicans didn’t get into power? ‘No, I’ve not heard from him yet, and it’s not my place to talk politically.

Although she and Steve Carell both cut their comedy teeth in the Chicago-based improvisational troupe Second City, she quickly points out that ‘Steve was everyone’s idol, and everyone knew he’d do well. I was chunky with short hair, and it was good in a way, because you can’t be worried about your looks when you’re trying to learn comedy.

I’m lucky now that they can beat me enough with a make-up brush so that I look OK, but I’m glad I live in New York, because I think Hollywood would be tough.

You’ll notice there’s not one full frame from behind.’The thing you most notice about Tina is that the person she’s toughest on is herself.I mean, I go to the awards ceremonies and even though I’m not big [actually, she’s tiny] I’ll still be the heaviest person there. My looks aren’t what I bring to the table.’What Tina undoubtedly brings are her sharp sense of comedy and her highly developed work ethic – both of which she acquired during her formative years.She was born Elizabeth Stamatina Fey in Philadelphia; her father Donald, of German extraction, wrote grant proposals for the University of Pennsylvania, while her Greek mother Jeannec worked in a brokerage firm. She currently has 75 gallery links and 4 videos in her own Free Ones section. She is listed on Free Ones since 2005 and is currently ranked 7281th place.

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I speak only through sketch comedy, thankfully.’ Tina is self-effacing to a fault – far more comfortable in the role of observer than star.

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