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This is an introductory course to the Bible and historical Christianity that aims to familiarize the student with the contents of the Bible and the development of the early Church.

Special emphasis is placed on theological themes of perennial interest and the significance of the Bible for Christian thought and practice as well Learner Team members and students examine costume designs for Parade, focusing on how the designs help convey character.

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The resource includes a glossary, bibliography and translation of relevant Latin numbers/phrases.

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Explains the different dating conventions employed in historical documents.

For example, the system of dating by reference to a religious feast day and the year of the reigning monarch has little in common with the modern calendar.

A glossary and bibliography are also provided along with numerous links to relevant external resources.

The scope of this unit principally reflects the archival holdings of the University of Nottingham and illustrative images of items from our collections appear throughout.

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You will also look at interpreting results and evaluating models.

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