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Our friendship meens a lot for me and I want to understand and feel you like myself - like my second half - to be correct. But I am also very loveable, loyal and need only one beloved person in my life.

In compare with majority of Ukrainian people my living standard is not bad, but of course it is impossible to compare with income of dentists in Western countries. Give me, please, your mailing address, I'll send you a small souvenir from me I've prepared specially for you today. It became important for me to feel your presence in my life.We just have to meet each other in person and start our relationship in real life. But now I believe, the right time has came for us to become more than virtual partners. My mother told me they are very reliable, because several her friends used this service to come to America. Actually, it is more normal for my country that the man pays for everything himself. I have some money myself and my profession is also very usefull and popular in any country. But as for me, I'm sure that one minute of real meeting gives us much correct impression that one year writing each other. And she said me that to come in France, she didn't need any visa ! When I propose to this girl to send her a private invitation, she said me: "" no no no, to travel in france with agency , I don't need a visa !!!!!!!!!! So I would like to ask if you can send a warning about the Diana marriage agency.They charge 3700 dollars for complete service including opening an international travel passport and three-months US visa plus tickets and hotel reservation in America (which I do not need but it is impossible to obtain US tourist visa without hotel reservation). I'm not rich but I'm able to earn the money and I'd like to spend them as I want. Any how, I think I know you enough via letters and I'm ready to meet. This is my answer to her :hello thank for pictures i didn't remember that you were so pretty !! "" so , Angelinna , I love your body and your face , but I am not so stupid to send 300 $ or more just because you ask me this !! Because it is false and they hurt normal people feelings and they cheat a lot of people out of their money.So she got this job thanks her talents to foreign languages. But English I studied during my secondary and university education - other languages I learned "in the streets" and can speak them since my childhood. She is married and lives in Lutsk with her husband.Sometimes she is even able to visit other countries on hotel business exchange basis. Both of them are scientists and work at the Volyn State University (faculty of History and Etnography). As for me, I was never married and I don't have any children.

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