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The nervous parishioners were African-American, and the church's newcomers were white.Sheppard says the experience demonstrated why racially integrated churches are difficult to create and even harder to sustain."There are plenty of skirmishes." Can't we just be Christians? That's one of the first questions interracial churches must address.De Young says he encountered many blacks who said they wanted a racial timeout on Sunday.Suddenly they — or Harry, at least — seemed more open-minded.

It felt old-fashioned, an archaic and exclusive institution people of color couldn’t really connect with nor would feel particularly invested in, given its long historical association with colonial projects. Markle made me, a black British woman, see the royals slightly differently.We live in strange times, with an American president who panders to right-wing hate, in a world that seems to have taken several steps backward.And so in these times, when a British prince goes against both royal and societal norms to propose to his biracial girlfriend, it’s worth taking a moment to smile.Now, with his engagement, Prince Harry has thrown the royal rule book on who can and can’t be a princess out of the window.In his choice of partner, he has shown a certain courage, a propensity to do things on his terms. Are we being ushered into a new era where the boundaries of race and class will be blown open in Britain, when people will grow more open-minded about who they can consider as a mate? What is more intriguing is the question of whether, as a result of this unlikely pairing, more people of color will come to feel they have a stake in the country’s most old-fashioned institution.

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