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Maybe these seemingly deranged and demanding online daters have a better system worked out than the rest of us, who are just writing about how much we like autumn and pub trivia.Maybe they were, despite all the Internet heat they had taken, actually getting what they wanted.Or perhaps, I thought, they know something that we don't.Rather than being failures for scaring off the majority of people, was it possible that these profiles actually succeeded by reeling in the one right person crazy enough to bite?Let's find out."Hi, I really enjoyed reading your profile and I think we have a lot in common.

But asking for what you want in dating isn't going to send everyone running away because, ewww, gross, it's a woman who knows what she wants! In fact, "lemon_zinger" seemed to draw in a few more interesting dudes than I had while online dating (in a different life, I would have totally gone out with the guy who liked The 40-Year-Old Virgin).After all, isn't the end goal of all these awkward dinner dates to find someone whose beliefs and values and hobbies and pet peeves line up with yours enough that you could actually spend your lives together?Isn't going out there with the real you in full bloom a not-terrible way to look for that match?She opened the creaky old Ok Cupid inbox to find...a guy who sent the same exact mass email to hundreds of women! I laughed along with everyone else while I read these — and yet, I wondered about the people behind the viral urban love legends. Maniacs whose minds and spirits had been broken by the Internet dating grind, and now they had to walk the lonely moors of Ok Cupid and Tinder alone, muttering quietly to themselves about "having standards"?

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Our real, demanding selves aren't that horrific — they're just proof that we're actual human beings. I mean, if "lemon_zinger" can find a date, then there is hope for each and every one of us.

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