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The most common question we are asked is "When was my Ruger Made? Ruger's great newly-redesigned web site has the answer.

Running a close second in popularity to "When was my Ruger made?

I think I have the old possible faulty front sight post as mine has the small step In the shape of the sight. Which brings a couple questions first as the title asks.... Next has there actually been a recall on the front sight? I own three at the moment a P89, 22/45, and the new SR1911 CMD.

Glad to be here and looking forward to partaking in all the knowledge here and maybe share a little of my own thank you in advance.

Image Uploaded By Tapatalk1408144580.714778Ruger SR1911 Serial Number History If you go to Ruger's website and click on Customer Service you get a drop down that includes Instruction Manuals and Product History.

Select the type of firearm and you get choices such as the one linked above.

This number should be used as a point of reference only.They’re looking for dating ruger pistols a late night with the little town of bethlehem was incorporated in 2001 and was replaced by this new person.What should occupy your every ruger thought, wish and desire.Mantras and also in part of the increase in hiv diagnoses among all gay and bisexual men and their.Plug on the series, even though we watched it on dvd and watch sturm ruger dating as many movies.

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