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Earlier attempts to date PC1 by the standard U-Th method proved unsuccessful.

We have therefore dated this speleothem using radiocarbon.

It may result in a more precise chronology if annual growth increments are resolvable and provided that there are no interruptions to growth in the record.

In speleothems, these annual layers can be obtained from visible growth intervals.

Speleothems from regions with strong seasonality, such as mediterranean climates, are more likely to preserve annual geochemical information.

Th for young samples, although this problem becomes less significant or even insignificant with increasing age.

These approaches may therefore result in significant chronological uncertainty for modern speleothems, hampering a direct comparison with historical data.

Annual lamina counting is an established method in tree-rings, ice-cores, corals, lake sediments and speleothems to reconstruct annually resolved records.

If the lamina counting method is coupled with two chronological tie points, such as the date that an actively growing sample is collected and the age of an artificial substrate on which a speleothem has grown, the chronological accuracy of the lamina counting method can be tested.

In this study, we exploit seasonal variations in trace elements to construct chronologies.

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