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A) Many different people attend Date Switch events, but we have found that one of the things they have in common, is that they are usually intelligent professionals who have just not found that special someone yet.Most people who attend are busy professionals, but due to a fast paced life have not had the time to meet many other singles.You can quickly eliminate everyone you are not interested in and instead focus on the people with whom you do share an interest.

A) At our events you meet all new people every time you attend - unlike other speed dating services where you may be paying just to meet the same people over and over again.This is the purpose of speed dating events to bring multiple singles together in order to find other singles they would like to know better and set up real dates with.If you really hit it off with someone and want to talk longer, stay when the event is over and mingle at the after party.If there is a match, both select"yes" to one another, then each are given the other's email address.They can then getback in touch right away to talk more, exchange phone numbers and set up a "second date!

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The events are very low pressure, organized and take place in a structured setting.

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