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Rows over broken time payments led in 1885 to a decision by the FA to recognise professionalism and the Football League was formed in 1888 to provide the leading clubs with regular fixtures against the best sides.

back to top "After 1885, the expense of buying playing kits for those who turned professional fell on the club rather than the players.

Secretary managers with an eye for the accounts naturally preferred to spend as little as possible, leading to a trend towards simpler kits in basic colours.

"Stockings did not form part of the kit until the turn of the century while players wore heavy shin guards outside their socks.

The captain was usually very easy to spot, looking captain-like, aloof from the team.

Colours were changed frequently, depending on what local suppliers could provide and the players could afford.

The game was played almost exclusively by middle class men who could afford to buy a shirt in their club's colours.

"I suppose the best one for me is the one with the blue and yellow hoops - you know the one I mean? The yellow on blue version looked like you'd been sick on it, but blue on yellow looked great!

" back to top In an attention-grabbing effort to get a team of journeymen and promising youngsters to aspire to higher things, manager Don Revie famously changed the Leeds look in the early 1960s to a pristine all white, mimicking the strip of the all-conquering Real Madrid team.

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