Speed dating in australia

When it comes to going to a reputable speed dating event, you want to make sure that you are going to an event which is run by a good company.

Not just any company, but a company which has been referred by others and can say “you should give them a try” is what you should be looking for. They have been running speed dating events since 2005 and providing good customer service is their top priority. 40% of their attendees have been referred by someone else.

But you have to upload a photo if you want to see some of the features (like who has seen your profile) and/or connect with your friends in Facebook.

Perfect if you prefer to have a first live contact online before meeting in person.

You can meet up to 15 people using live video and instant messaging in one hour!

Unlike other online dating websites, Speed allows you to immediately determine whether there is chemistry before taking the time to meet in person.

You want to write something that’s true to who you are, and that will get noticed.#thanksreddot Come for a relaxed, amusing night out in front of the fire and be proud that you GTFO of the house.Plus because we're introverts like you we will take care of you if it bombs and gets hella awkward #wewillholdyahand.What's more, you wont be stuck on the same board game either YOU GET TO PLAY EM ALL!!i would love to meet someone who lives in Perth WA btw the ages of 35 - 50 preferably not with young children, as ive been there done that and mine are 16 and 20.

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