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Yet they have vacant 'brown-field' sites all over the borough notably the Knutton Recreation Centre,.

They are currently refusing to bring those forward for development -why?

Now the council have decided to press ahead with the sale.

We urge local residents to use the 'consultation' period to make their views know to council leaders.

Although pedestrian access was improved at the time, school children attending Newcastle Community High School, often cross by the roundabout, where there is no crossing.

Simon said: This scheme is great news for the area.

Local councillors are working with local police and staff at May Bank Infants school to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians at school pickup and drop off times.

This follows reports of dangerous parking and congestion that are putting lives at risk.

Views, concerns and comments regarding the councils proposal should be sent by post to: May Bank Councillor Simon Tagg said: "Since the council revealed its plans in January hundreds of local people have signed a petition calling for the land to be saved as public open space.This follows the recent consultation in which hundreds of local people registered their objections to the sale for development of this important green space.Local Councillor Simon Tagg said: The meeting is open to the public.The council has only inform 13 households of the 'consultation'.So Ian Matthews, John Tagg and I as local councillors have distributed leaflets in the area to make people aware."9, The council wish to sell the green space to raise money and create more housing.

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