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Nelson and Robert W.), not delving into the NGH/Emmons correspondence, and missing facts about the possible design heritage of the H12½. He sought Nat’s advice; “You have such an infinitely greater knowledge of the designing of boats than anyone else, and also making rules for their design and construction, that we prefer to ask your advice on the question of a new class for Buzzards Bay before doing anything.” • Nat’s response on Nov.

He was the Regatta Director for the Louis Vuitton Cup Challenger Series in 20 in Auckland, NZ, and Regatta Director for the 32nd America's Cup in 2007 in Valencia, Spain.Saturday morning presentations will begin at 0830 hours at Roger Williams University. Herreshoff, who will provide an introduction to the Centennial classes, Ed Mc Clave and Andy Giblin of MP&G will speak on the origins of the sleek Buzzards Bay 25 class, Chris Wick, COURAGEOUS crew member in 1974, will report on the Newport 29 which will be in the water at HMM, Steve Nagy will address the evolution of the 12 1/2, Erick Singleman will discuss traditional boat building and restoration in the modern era and the Cooper/Suitor team will recount the history of the 12 1/2 class at the Quissett Yacht Club in Falmouth, MA. ARION was designed by Halsey's father, Sidney De Wolf Herreshoff. We are hopeful that BLUE MARLIN's owner, Henrik Andersin, will be on hand to field questions and share his experiences.The 42' ARION yawl/ketch was game-changing in design and material and well ahead of its time. Sandy Lee will give a presentation on the RELIANCE model project.Origin of the Buzzards Bay 25 The first incorrect fact on timing and origins of the designs was this- Robert Emmons first visited Bristol to discuss his idea for the H12½ class in March 1914. It is strange they cannot realize how much better in every way a boat with more waterline and shorter over all is- better sea boat in rough time, always pleasant to sail, easier handled, less cost, stronger and consequently longer lived.” • He went on to describe his ideal boat and the basis for it, “My ideal boat for Buzzards Bay must comply with about the requirements I found in my winters at Bermuda and which I made a special study…Actually NGH’s diary for March 26, 1914 identifies the visitor as “Nelson Emmons” (Robert and he shared the same grandfather and both were very active at the Beverly Yacht Cub.) The visit is just two days before the contract for the first four Buzzards Bay 25 boats and positively concerned that class, not the H12½. strong wind at times with rough sea, many days with light airs and smooth water- capable of passing over many shoal places… which proved a great success is perhaps somewhat smaller than you would prefer for the Bay.” He roughed out the type he would like to build when he had the time, a little smaller than the eventual BB25, but with the same, “High freeboard, good flare forward and sufficient forefoot to insure going into a sea without pounding…

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