Specal ops knives intimidating 911

Sizes: 11 x 14" 18 x 24" ABOUT THE ARTIST: SSG Croaker, Edward a Special Forces Operator, was born on 15th Sept in Cass Lake, MN.

SSG Croaker began drawing since the age of 5yrs, and started tattooing since the age of 14yrs.

As a Cavalry Scout, he served a 15-month tour in Iraq.

SSG Croaker began his quest to become a Special Forces Soldier in 2008 by attending the Special Forces Engineer Sergeant’s course.

When a suspected carjacker fleeing police last week tried to escape into a crowded school building, the plainclothes officers who chased him and wrestled him into handcuffs belonged to the Nassau Bureau of Special Operations.

Members of the elite branch tackled the teen last Tuesday, 10 feet from the door of a North Merrick elementary school as he fumbled for a pistol in his waistband, police said.

The bureau's portfolio ranges from street crime to helping the U. Secret Service, New York State Police and FBI protect presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Mc Cain when they debated at Hofstra in 2008 -- and it is already helping make plans for when a presidential debate returns to Hofstra this fall.

He said they're looking for "type A personalities . Breitkopf, died a year ago when he was mistakenly shot by a uniformed transit cop who mistook him for a threat at a crime scene. never out" is painted above the entrance to the headquarters.

He now depends on his artwork and trying to build a business for his family members Veronica (spouse), Abigail (daughter), Alex (son), Edward (son).

SSG Croaker says, “Brining an artistic style forward is very hard work”.

It's meant to help intimidate suspects into submission, the cops say.

"The shock and awe factor is amazing," Endres said.

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Photos and T-shirts help keep Breitkopf's memory alive at the bureau's headquarters, a cavernous building on Newbridge Road in Bellmore shared with other police units such as robbery, electronics and highway patrol. Bureau members train two days a month, usually in a converted Grumman hangar in Bethpage, where they can practice busting down doors in unfamiliar terrain.

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