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- Taking up two extra columns just to display the weatherzone logo on the widget is serious overkill.

The little degree symbol as an icon on the widget should be enough (obviously, as soon as you look at the full app, you get the full deal). Also, some apps have a facility where you can specify what time of day updates should be fetched, e.g. I can't see how to change the update frequency when you've set it once either.

We are still on track for an updated free app (new widgets, warnings and background refresh) in the next few weeks and a fully featured "Plus" app in a few months.

Look forward to it, and if the featured app is good, I wouldn't mind paying for it at all.

Hi All, Version 1.1 was released today, here is the change log. We finally have a reasonably good looking weather clock widget that gives us the correct weather information in Australia. Tapping the widget doesn't always open up the program either. Cheers JC Have now uninstalled and reinstalled and widgets back.

- As others have suggested, more widget sizes with more or less info would be nice. Either leave it fully expanded or get the elements below to reflow on expansion. If I load up either of the smaller widgets they detect where I am but the large one wont unless I delete it and replace it on the screen – but then it wont update locations after this no matter how many times I select 'current location' in the setup.Things like different widget sizes, transparency, what to display etc.Another thing I notice with some other application is that the location is derived from which phone tower(s) your connected to.Might look to incorporate it, so you don't have to have gps activated every time you want to refresh the weather for your current location. My wish list is: - More widget sizes, and styles- Weather Warning alerts Thank you for all the great suggestions.Looks pretty good..there are weather warnings is there an indicator on the widget ? - Warnings are coming in a future version of the free app- The Geo Location stuff is up to the handset as far as I know, we make a request to the device for a location and it determines it based on wifi/towers/gps. - Some customisation of widgets is also planned for the next version of free app.- I'll look into that Townsville radar issue and get it switched over. Yes we have a paid APP in in planning / early development with all those additional features you've all requested (and no adverts).

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