Spanked for dating

I froze for a moment as I thought about my response. “Yes, I wanted to know what it was like to be punished without having any control over it.” There, I said it.“Michael, there is nothing wrong with fantasy, but a spanking is very painful.” “I know, Aunt Paula, but I would still like to know how it feels and I will not be satisfied until I do.” “Have you ever asked anyone of your girlfriends to do it?After talking for quite a while, she asked me if I would like to come out to the ranch and help her for a couple of days.Well, I was free for at least two more weeks before I went back to graduate school, so I said what the heck and told her I would come.

“Grab your stuff and come on in, I have supper on the stove.” After she showed me to the room that I remembered staying in so many times before, we sat down to dinner and some catching up.I had no idea at the time that there were more memories to be made.I pulled up to the ranch house and Aunt Paula came out onto the porch to greet me.“So, is that how you see me Michael, the motherly figure that will blister your naughty bottom? ” “Aunt Paula, honestly, before this morning I never thought about it, but it is all that I have thought about today,” I said.“I have no one else to talk about this with but you.” “Well Michael, she said, you can talk to me about anything, but I do not know if I am the person to fulfill this fantasy with.” “Aunt Paula I respect you and really like you, so who else could it be?

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