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Stay away from that guy if you're gonna talk about music because he'll see right through you). I know, know, this is not what you've learned from watching Grease over and over, but its true. (Make sure the guy doesn't already have a girl though; those rockabilly girls can be mean with their spike heels! ) After you give the guy your mom's beer make SURE you say something about his car, "Nice fuckin air filter man". Wear your made-up car club jacket and you're on your way. We did however research it when we first heard about it, and then made a judgment based on our own research.

So you could say, for example, "I love those Sugar Beet Shakers! ) Guys, you can make friends with a guy with a car pretty easily too! We recommend dancers wanting to participate in competitions apply the same sound reasoning, and rigorous research, to this experience they would apply to buying a car or large screen TV - do your research before you start making an investment.

If they make it in leopard print then you need to go buy it. It doesn't matter if you're so damn pale that black hair will make you look like you've just risen from the grave, it's mandatory.

Later when you get the hang of rockabilly you may try another color, but for beginners, go with black.

This is lame and people will see you for the poser scenster you are.

(Kind of like those Gothic kids calling themselves Goth or the Punk Rock kids saying they're punk, get it? ) REAL rockabilly people refer to rockabilly as "rab", "billy", or "the scene". The bigger the cuff on your jeans the more rockabilly you are, so go hog wild with those suckers! No problem, I'll let you in on a little known secret: You don't have to own a car to be in a car club or wear a car club jacket! Its a seldom discussed fact that really only maybe 10% of car club members own cars.

Many dance schools and dancers failed to support it, as it was felt it was "owned" by an individual.No worries doll, just get yourself a girdle to cinch yourself in. (Refer back to patient friend with strong stomach in previous chapter). To truly fit in with your newly adopted culture there are two things you'll need some basic knowledge of: Music: Ok, now we know you like Tiger Army, and well, ok, that's a good start.Depending on how long you can hold your breathe, this will work, and if you play your cards right sweetheart you might catch the attention of one of those cute greaser boys! Play hard to get and you might even get three dates in before he gets that dress off you and finds out you're not a size 4! But you need to be able to speak knowledgably about more rockabilly music.No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!No more calling up your friends in the middle of the night to find out what's cool and what isn't!

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