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“Very intricate peasant dishes,” he said as he rolled a very, very large joint.

It culminates with him and his friend Big Body Bes at the restaurant exclaiming profanely over fusilli with octopus and bone marrow.

His output has been prolific: two more albums, two EPs, four mixtapes and dozens of guest verses. While not quite radio famous, his music is rollicking and distinctive, admired by ever-widening critical circles.

He has toured with Eminem and collaborated with the Alchemist, a respected producer; his most recent album, “Mr. From the beginning, gastronomy figured prominently in his music.

When Francesco Grosso pours from a bottle of 2002 Dom Pérignon, the scene-stealing Big Body Bes warns him, “It better not be from Duane Reade.”Michael White, the chef and co-owner of Marea, has cooked and eaten with Action Bronson, and is a fan of his music. He’s been more places than I have.”The video spurred Vice’s food website, Munchies, to create a series for Action Bronson, now one of the most popular shows across all of Vice’s digital channels, according to a company spokeswoman.

“There are so many people who talk about food who haven’t traveled and eaten like him,” Mr. Michelin-starred meals are not all that’s on offer in the new cable series, which, like the online-only version, ranges high and low.

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