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In 2003, when Ian was four, Jamila had a chance to confront Sisqo in person.

She said: 'I saw Dru Hill were coming back to play.

:) This permanent A list singer/diva surrounds herself with friends when she goes out and pushes her boyfriend as far away as possible.

This is a new development so he could be on his way out the door again.

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This trope would be about people who act as though they are still around, plaster posters all over their homes, compare every other rock song in existence unfavorably to Beatles songs, and may only listen to other music as long as it's nothing past 1980 (or by ex-Beatles).

These people are basically trying to bend reality back to the way they want it by sheer force of will.

Sisqo was touring Europe in 1999 with his then band Dru Hill, when he spotted the pretty 14-year-old across the dancefloor at a nightclub called 'El Cubanito'.And she says the singer, real name Mark Althavean Andrews, has refused numerous times to take a DNA test - forcing Swiss authorities to declare he is the father in his absence.Jamila, who gets by on £300 a week benefits, says she isn't interested in Sisqo's fortune - but wants Ian to meet his dad.I knew it might be a good way to talk to him.'So I went to the gig armed with a photo of Ian to show him.' However, when Jamila went up to Sisqo after the gig she was shocked by his reaction.'He recognised me straight away,' she said.'But to him I was just the girl he'd had sex with.'He said: "Come back to my room with me again." 'It was clear he remembered me as the girl he had sex with.'But not as the girl with the baby.' Angry Jamila went on: 'I was shocked at his behaviour and said no.Devastated Jamila started increasing her efforts to prove Sisqo was the father by forcing him to have a DNA test through the courts.

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