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Just doesn't seem right to have to wait any more than 20 or 30 seconds for the data to load.

5, 10 or 15 minutes is just unreasonable especially when you're driving around and want to locate gas.

This Tuesday will be the fourth time her car will have been looked at by the specially trained Ford Tech for Sirius related problems who is at the dealership one day a week.Sirius says the problem is with Sync by Ford and the Ford dealer says data can take up to 10 minutes to acquire. Seems like a handshake problem between Sirius satellite data feed and Sync.When you're driving around looking for gas in an unknown area, 10 minutes is a looooong time to wait to find out where it might be!It’s an idea that dealerships aren’t particularly happy with, because it takes away some of their power over the customer (software updates have previously required car owners to go into dealerships so they can be installed).But the trend is only going to continue thanks to the market pressure created by Tesla, which sells over-the-air updates as a futuristic feature that allows users to update their cars like they would an i Phone.

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