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Co-principal investigators in this multisite grant are professors Deborah Beidel at the University of Central Florida and Candice Alfano at the University of Houston. combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan will be returning over the next year, there are still thousands of troops deployed across the globe across all service branches, including each branch’s reserve component and the National Guard,” she added.

“Parental deployment creates significant stress for both the deployed parent and the family left behind. “Unique to the current conflicts, families of deployed troops face increasing distress as a result of repeated and lengthening deployments.” In addition to interviews and surveys, the research builds on past research by examining biological markers of stress such as stress hormones and disrupted sleep patterns as well as examining whether the non-deployed parent’s distress impacts the child’s psychosocial and academic functioning.

“The Volcano House hotel has always captivated people.

Then it’s a short walk to the 1877 Volcano House that today serves as the Volcano Art Center.

Interested applicants who would like to check to see if other similar courses can be substituted for ENG 100 and HLTH 125 may contact Kapiolani Community College Counselor Russell Kinningham at [email protected] telephone (808) 734-9350.

Completion of an English 100 T (tutorial) will meet the English 100 course requirement.

Estimated time to complete the project is four to five hours. For more information, visit email [email protected], or call (808) 933-3861 (Hawaiʻi Island) or (808) 365-4624 (O`ahu).

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Families will complete interviews with study staff and hard copy surveys.

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