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This approach incorporates ways of being accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed in our service design and delivery.This webinar will be presented by Cathy Cave of NCDVTH.Join us for the webinar and learn how to conduct enhanced, immigration safety planning with your noncitizen clients and help them plan ahead to protect themselves and their families.Unresolved: Exploring the impact of trauma on adolescent brains In this webinar the following topics will be covered: 1.Cathy provides training in alignment with the Center’s integrated approach for supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.She uses her survivor, family, community, provider and administrative perspectives to facilitate organizational change at local, state and national levels.The findings The VOICE survey examined the occupational stressors and wellness of those working in the field of intimate partner violence and sexual assault services in Texas.

The long-term or short-term challenges that children may face as a result of being survivors of trauma or witnesses of abuse; 3.

It will highlight innovative work at current domestic violence programs, including a demonstration of the Fort Bend County Women’s Center survivor specific economic stability website and offer advocate tips for credit building and microloan initiatives such as The Independence Project.

Presenters: Mona Muro and Vesna Anic Enhanced Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors The Enhanced Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors will provide advocates with information and best practices related to pressing immigration questions.

Immigration legal experts will answer questions such as: • What should noncitizen survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault do if they come into contact with local or state law enforcement?

• What should they do if they come into contact with immigration?

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