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He reached me, pulled out a sheaf of papers and, handing them to me, laughed. He rarely bothers with small jobs and bids only on those that will keep him working for years.

Once she found out that she liked it, she was anxious to try everything she had read about or heard from some of her friends at work.She accepted, we planned for a September wedding and our life as a couple began the day in 1991 when we pledged our love and devotion to each other for the rest of our lives.We took a week long honeymoon in Hawaii where we learned that sex was something we both enjoyed.When I graduated, he started me working on the bids: the part of the job that made us successful.A good bid was necessary to making a profit and to getting a foot in the door: too high, no chance in hell, too low, good chance to work but a sure loss of profit.

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