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Every animal must make an extraordinary journey to achieve its life's goal - to continue its bloodline.

Packed with dramatic colour photographs and stills from the BBC series Life Story, and covering creatures as diverse as hermit crabs and hyenas, this book charts their journeys from birth, through the learning curves of growing up and the rituals of courtship to parenthood. If your cat is prone to wandering, a 15th-century expert advises, you should 'rub its nose and four legs with butter for three days and it will never leave the house'; but if it is 'sitting in the window, licking its behind and rubbing its ear with its leg, be sure that it will rain that very day'.

Their broadcasts, collected here, provide a dramatic, blow-by-blow account of the closing months of the Second World War, from D-Day to the German surrender.

Johann Burckhardt's discovery of Petra in 1812; Henri Mouhot overwhelmed by his first sight of the temples of Angkor Wat; the search for the elusive source of the Nile; or retracing a vanishing Route 66 across the USA...

' We should not romanticize our past,' writes Colin Brown, 'but nor should we forget it', and he goes on to describe his book as 'an attempt to show us as we really are'.

Among the most trusted of English dictionaries, Collins is the official Scrabble dictionary and a leading authority on the contemporary use of language.

This pocket dictionary and thesaurus is innovatively arranged with entries from both reference works displayed concurrently, so that the synonyms appear on the same page as the definitions.

Pliny the Elder's description of the struggle between elephants and dragons may not have had hard evidence to back it up, but most of the literary responses to nature in this collection are the result of writers' personal observations.

From George Orwell's thoughts on the common toad to DH Lawrence's 'green fires' of spring, the selections include poetry, diary entries, extracts from novels and scientific observations from the likes of Wordsworth, Milton and Virginia Woolf.

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In this captivating book, the author rides from the birthplace of the locomotive in Britain, crosses Russia on the Trans-Siberian, crests the Andes on a rattling coal train and jams with blues musicians across the USA as he explores the history, geography, cultural resonance and sheer romance of the railroad.

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