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Habitual Juvenile Offenders Minors who are arrested for offenses in Illinois are not tried or convicted in the same way as an adult; they are instead adjudicated to be delinquent minors, if they are found to have committed the offense.Therefore, a habitual juvenile offender is any minor who has been twice adjudicated a delinquent minor for offenses that would be felonies if an adult was facing similar charges, and the minor is subsequently adjudicated a delinquent minor for a third time.

90% of the gay guys here look the same, dress the same, etc.That's great if you are immersed in the scene, but if it bores the hell out of you...The thousands of guys NOT INTO the Boystown thing need some places to hang out in that are not bars or are not in the middle of Boystown.Three strikes laws around the country are notorious for being very harsh to repeat offenders.The laws have been repeatedly criticized in some states for producing somewhat ridiculously harsh sentences for smaller crimes that are committed as the third strike.

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(And I don't mean Caribou on Broadway -- when I go in there I feel like I AM going into a gay bar.)How about a chill, non-pressure place where very discrete guys like us can go and maybe meet up if there's some eye contact or a smile?

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