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At this part of the book Eric was in a very hard situation where he had to decide what was more important; his life or Sarah’s possible endangerment.“Later I will feel shame, but now I only feel terror in its purest form” (182) Mr.Browse thousands of Asian personal ads and Asian singles — completely for free.Find a hot Asian date today with free registration!The book talks about how Sarah was bullied by Dale Thorton but Sarah got back at him by writing about him and his family in the "Crispy Pork Rinds." Eric flash back in high school and Sarah Byrnes was talking to Eric "Man you are lucky to have me." Eric called Sarah Scarface because she has scar on her face. Mautz called Dale's dad and dale got trouble about his dad chewing a tobacco, His dad kicked his a** and Sarah and dale are argue about Sarah is lying about her dad burn her face and she got furious!!!! Ellerby said "I brought a tape and I want to play it."(page 81). Everyone likes the song, Ellerby feels bad because he never be friend with Sarah, and he will try be friend with her. Sarah's dad ask Eric if she has said anything and Eric said "No." Virgil said "You let me know if she does." Dale, Sarah, and Eric wrote about Mautz family in Crispy Pork Rinds.Eric is curious what Sarah have a box wit her and she say "no is nothing" than finally she told him is science project but he like ohh... :( Back to present day Eric is at swimming practice and he saw a girl that he wanted to marry her. Eric went up to her and tell her "Nice blouse." All of them went to class called CAT. Eric is in the hospital with Sarah, and he sees Sarah dad sitting on the couch next to Sarah. Eric and Ellerby went to Dale's house to ask him about Sarah.Ellerby tells everyone in class about His brother passed away, Ellerby run away from home because his mom and dad never talk to Ellerby and than finally, his dad talked to him "I still love you and don't ever run away from home." Eric ask Sarah how she got burn she told her dad pusher her face against a burning wood stove. Lemry told everyone that we need talk about called Abortion and Mark told everyone he said "That's the problem, You can't separate this question from spiritual reality.That's the only way pro-choicer can make an argument.

Eric Calhoune's goes to visit his best friend Sarah Byrnes in the hospital psychiatric ward after his swim practice and recalls the story of when he and Sarah created a newspaper called "Crispy Pork Rinds." Eric is a second semester senior, he is 18 years old.I was too scared to face what I did done and too ready to protect myself, so I let hergo up to the clinic alone and get an abortion alone and go home alone. On one of Jody's good days, I couldn't have done that, but after her abortion she didn't have any good days. In seven years later when he get out of prison and he will be the same kind bad things again. Everything she's said about me is true."(282 pages). :( Later that day Eric went to talk Carver about Sarah's dad case, Carver found Mr. Byrnes won't leave town because he wants Sarah, He has no friends and certainly didn't know the street network. In Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher, Eric Calhoune, a high school student, must decide how to help his best friend Sarah Byrnes, who was badly burned by her father when she was a toddler.When Sarah Byrnes stops talking to get away from her dad who was never caught for hurting her, Eric decides that he must find a way to keep Sarah’s dad permanently away from her.

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