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until 16 November 2006, when the Constitutional Court ruled that such legal regulation created preconditions for dual citizenship to be a widespread phenomenon rather than a particularly rare exception and was therefore incompliant with the abovequoted provision of article 12(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.

The manufacture offers a wide range of technical solutions for manufacturing nonstandard doors: from their size and use of exotic species of wood for the door finishing and to the manufacture of doors based on customer designs or sketches.

Lower Manhattan abounds in multinational restaurants and cafes — Bengali, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Israeli, Spanish, German, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and so on—and the app can decode all the languages of those places, plus eighty more (including Yiddish, Yoruba, and Zulu).” I captured an image of the book’s title, which got translated as “Rien de tumba.” I blinked.

That would have meant, more or less: “Nothing of the tomb,” a grim and sibylline mangling of French and Spanish.

As I had feared, the phrase a Damascus cabbie taught me during a long-ago trip, which he said meant, “ I love the Syrian people,” turned out to mean, “I go for young Syrian guys.”And sadly, the app can’t handle the Ghanaian language of Twi, so I couldn’t test my reliable conversation starter in that country: “I love goats, I hate sheep.”If you ask the app to translate text — by snapping a photograph of, say, a street sign or a menu—it nearly always gets it right, once you’ve identified the language you’re after.

(The only minor drawback is that it can be hard to isolate the words you want to capture.)It occurs to me that, while Google Translate is undeniably useful as a resource when there is no other way to communicate, it has a secondary value its inventors may not have considered.

If what they do is take a version of a public performance and allow the rest of us to give our own interpretations of the material, why aren't there other options, like the "you talkin to me?

(11 minutes)Very few Palestinians speak Hebrew, and very few Israelis speak Arabic, even though most Palestinians and Israelis live a short drive from one another.His anxiety was alleviated when someone entered the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind,” to be translated into French. A little later, the app translated “second round” as “ white paintings.” (To be fair, we were not speaking all that clearly at this point.)Since my first expeditions last weekend, I’ve revisited the app many times and have decided it’s kind of wonderful.I dictated into it a scattering of phrases I’d memorized in countries whose languages I don’t know (Japan, Turkey, several Middle Eastern states), and was surprised to find the words I spoke were understood, and that they meant what I thought they did.My irresistible impulse to test-drive the app was cellular in a non-technological sense: Every cell of my being craved it.As a translator and writer, I spend a good portion of my day thinking about what people say, and what they mean by it.

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