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Melody Scott began her career as a child actor, but her acting career didn't take a significant leap till she was 23.The defining moment in her career arrived when she left The Waltons to play Nikki Reed, a stripper, on daytime series The Young and the Restless.Melody Scott has appeared in movies, television shows as a regular character and guest since her first movie as a child actor in 1964. Before Edward Scott, Melody was married to Michael Altman in 1979. It is not known precisely who Melody Scott's first husband was.Some the famous movies Scott has appeared in are The Beguiled, Dirty Harry and Posse, etc. Her current husband, Edward Scott, is her third husband. They now have 3 children; Elizabeth Frances, Marie Scott and Alexandra Scott. Melody Thomas Scott, age 61, has been playing on The Young and the Restless for 30 years.Kara guest starred in a 2000 episode of MADtv, in which she starred in a music video parody, playing the girl in a sketch called "Girl, Why Can't You Love Me? In 2005, she was chosen to be a model on NBC's game show Deal or No Deal, and holds case #9. For the 2008-09 season, she and Tameka Jacobs were the assistants used on the new daytime version.She will continue in that role as the show moves to Connecticut in 2009-10.

She resides in Beverly Hills, California with her husband and children.Charitably, Patricia has been involved with Trinity Childrens Foundation, Susan G.Komen Race for the Cure, the Make a Wish Foundation, the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Salvation Army, the American Heart Association, Read Across America, Women for Women International, and the Tiger Woods Foundation.After receiving numerous inquiries from young women throughout the world on how to get started in the business, Patricia recently developed a series of workshops and private consultation seminars for young models, actresses, and young women called the Secrets to a Successful You.By expressing and outlining her wisdom, fortitude, and commitment to the entertainment industry, her hope is that she can help jump start the next generation of talent for many years to come.

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