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The children are not forced and they are not being reprogrammed.

Parents and children are suffering at the hands of a vile pathogen.

As many of you have experienced, traditional therapy does not work in situations where children are under the influence of a pathogenic parent.

designation, and that most mental health professionals did not understand the pathogen at work.

There is no such thing as reunification therapy and the truth be told "parental Alienation" is not recognized as a diagnosis and I have heard hundreds of parents complain that their children are continuing to suffer at the hands of an ineffective mental health professional and participating in reunification therapy that has only made matters worse. It's a ridiculous notion and it is harmful to your children.

Linda Gottlieb, one of the leading mental health experts on emotional child abuse states, ". Childress fully explains this very diagnosable form of emotional child abuse; attachment based "parental alienation." Dr.

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You may be one of those parents– and that is why you are reading this page.

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